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Dragon Blade | Action Movie | Must Watch for Jackie Chan Fans | Action, Drama, Fantasy

Dragon Blade | Action Movie | Must Watch for Jackie Chan Fans | Action, Drama, Fantasy


Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Lin Peng, and Mika Wang feature in the 2015 Chinese-Hong Kong-American action, drama, and fantasy picture Dragon Blade, which was directed by Daniel Lee. The story, which takes place in Han-era China, centres on Huo An (Chan), a captain of the Silk Road Protection Squad who joins forces with some Roman soldiers to defend the Silk Road from a dishonest Roman general.

The Story in Action Movie Dragon Blade is Exciting and Well-Choreographed

Huo An is falsely accused of a crime and forced to work as a slave in the salt mines at the start of the movie. He manages to flee, though, and begins his quest for justice. He encounters a troop of fugitive Roman soldiers along the route. General Lucius (Cusack), in command of the troops, is attempting to save the blind son of a Roman consul from the dishonest Roman general Tiberius (Brody).

To defend the Silk Road from Tiberius and his army, Huo An teams up with the Roman soldiers. They engage in combat as they move through the desert, fending off robbers and other adversaries. They develop mutual trust and teamwork along the way.

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Dragon Blade

The Dragon Blade’s Friendship, Loyalty, and Peace Themes

The value of peace, loyalty, and friendship are just a few of the topics that are covered in Dragon Blade. The movie demonstrates how individuals from various cultures can coexist and cooperate to achieve a common objective.

Dragon Blade, Jackie Chan, and John Cusack collaborate

The action scenes in film are many and include both sword fights and hand-to-hand combat. The action is thrilling and well-choreographed.

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The Dragon Blade Cast is Outstanding

The Movie cast is fantastic. Some of Jackie Chan’s best action sequences in recent years are delivered when he is in full form. As General Lucius, John Cusack is excellent as well. He has tremendous chemistry with Chan and offers a lot of dimension to the role. As the wicked Tiberius, Adrien Brody is also excellent. He is evil and threatening enough.

Dragon Blade has exciting, well-choreographed action.

Dragon Blade is an enjoyable and action-packed film with a solid plot and a stellar cast. enthusiasts of Jackie Chan must watch it, and action movie enthusiasts, in general, should consider it as well.

The Finding:

An Action-Packed Historical Epic, Dragon Blade

Fans of action films must watch Dragon Blade.

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